Abdominal Male Liposculpture results

There has been an increase in bookings for liposculpture in the month of January as many people are taking advantage of the opportunity for the holiday period without having to take any additional time off.

2 questions that I get asked frequently are how long does it take to see the full benefit of Vaser Liposculpture and whether the results are long lasting.

My patient Dennis is able to provide us with the answer to these questions.

Dennis was in his late 40s when I first met him two and a half years ago. He had always exercised and trained regularly. However, due to hereditary reasons, he carried areas of excess fat around his abdomen and he was not able to see the muscle definition that he knew existed underneath.

He was an ideal candidate for VASER High Definition Liposculpture. This was a technique that I learned in London. I was privileged to be the first surgeon to introduce this technique to Canberra.

Dennis underwent High Definition Liposculpture to his abdomen. He was impressed with the immediate short term result and the short recovery time. He was able to return to work and training after only a short period of time.

He moved interstate for work a few months after his procedure. He sent us an email recently to tell us how he is going. He is very happy with the result indeed. He mentioned that it took over a year to get to his final result. As you can see from the photo that he took of himself,  he is in great shape and you can see fully his abdominal muscle definition. This illustrates the second point that the result is permanent if one’s weight remains stable.

Dennis has very kindly allowed us to show you his before and after photos. NB: The after photo was taken 2.5 years after the procedure was performed with Dr Bernard Leung.

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