At Facial Artistry skin and cosmetic clinic, not only does Dr Bernard Leung offer treatment for the face, he also specialises in a variety of body treatments.

One of the most popular treatments is for excessive sweating of the armpits. It is highly effective and no down time is required.

Another perennially popular treatment is body sculpting/liposuction. We all want to feel and look confident with a pleasing body shape and body sculpting is one of the most reliable ways to achieve this. Dr Leung is arguably one of the most highly trained and innovative liposuction surgeons in Australia, having learnt and perfected his techniques with some of the foremost experts in the world. He combines his aesthetic sensibility, a detailed knowledge of anatomy and technical skills, to deliver the best possible results.

The décolletage and hands are areas that show tell tale signs of aging readily. The skin becomes mottled in colour and often crêpe in texture, often from excessive sun exposure from an earlier age. Limelight Facial will improve texture and complexion. The same treatment can be applied to the back of the hands with excellent results. In addition to Limelight facial, dermal fillers can be used to restore the contour of the back of the hands and to hydrate the skin of the hands and décolletage.

Dr Leung has considerable expertise in the management and reduction of scars, whether they are due to acne or injury. Methods of treatment include surgical scar revision, subcision, TCA CROSS technique, collagen induction therapy, Laser Genesis and Pearl Fusion.

To request an appointment with Dr Bernard Leung please email us or call us on 02 6255 8988.