At Facial Artistry Total Face Group Canberra, we are proud to offer CoolSculpting as the premier scientifically proven non-invasive body sculpting treatment for both women and men. Leveraging the partnership between Total Face Group and Zeltiq (the manufacture of CoolSculpting), we have the entire suite of CoolSculpting technology at our disposal and we also have the capability of Dual Sculpting, where two separate machines and applicators operate simultaneously and independently.

What is CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical, non-invasive fat removal technology.

The technical term for this technology is cryolipolysis. Harvard University research discovered that fat cells are sensitive to the effect of extreme cold. When the temperature of fat cells is lowered to below 4 degrees Celsius, fat becomes crystalised and these fat cells will undergo a natural process called apoptosis which result in cell death. The dead cells will then be permanently removed by the body’s natural clearing mechanisms.

CoolSculpting is the name given to the technology that has been developed to harness the effect of cryolipolysis, to reduce subcutaneous fat and therefore enable a better body shape to be achieved.

How is Coolsculpting performed?

The heart of CoolSculpting is an applicator attached to a machine. The applicator is like a large suction cup. It is applied externally to skin overlying the target fat pad. When suction is applied, skin and underlying subcutaneous fat is then firmly sucked into the applicator. The temperature of the tissue within the cup is gradually lowered to a desired endpoint. The use of a special antifreeze gel sheet protects the skin from cold damage. This cooling is applied for a predetermined period of time. When the applicator is removed from the treatment site, the treated area is firm and frozen. It is vital to thoroughly and firmly massage this frozen tissue immediately after removal of the applicator, as this gives a 68% improvement of the final outcome.


What areas can be treated?

As the technology works on subcutaneous fat, virtually everywhere where fat is found under the skin can be treated. The most commonly treated areas include upper and lower abdomen, flank (love handles or muffin top), inner thighs, outer thighs, and under chin.

Will it work for me?

 The technology is well tried and tested. The fat cells that have been sucked into the applicator will undergo apoptosis (cell death) and therefore diminish in size. The art of CoolSculpting relies to a large extent on selecting the most appropriate applicator for the area to be treated. Everybody is different with different size and dimensions of fat pads. It must also be remembered that only the volume of fat that is included into the applicator will respond to treatment. Larger fat pads will therefore require more treatment to cover the entire area. Thicker fat pads will need repeated treatment to progressively treat to a greater depth. In other words, more than one treatment will be needed for larger or thicker fat pads.

Will I see result immediately?

 No, there may be some bruising and swelling after treatment initially. The fat cells will undergo apoptosis over the ensuing weeks and these cells will then be removed by the body’s natural clearing mechanisms. The initial result is often visible within 3 weeks. You will typically see the final results of each treatment after 3 months.

Is it uncomfortable?

There is minimal to mild discomfort during treatment in most instances. However the discomfort level may be higher with the largest applicators. It is only transient and the area being treated typically goes numb within 5 minutes.

How long does the treatment take?

The duration of the treatment varies with the applicator used. We at Facial Artistry Total Face Group have the CoolAdvantage applicator, which cuts the treatment cycle time down to 35 minutes. In addition the use of two CoolSculpting machines simultaneously further cuts the treatment time.

Is there any down time?

This is a procedure with no down time and patients can return to work immediately. There is likely to be some mild tenderness over the next few weeks, somewhat akin to a bruise. Most patients can continue their normal exercise routine, even high intensity exercise, without interruption. The treated area will remain numb to some degree over the next few weeks, which is comparable to that experienced after a surgical liposuction procedure

Can I have more than one treatment?

This is a resounding yes. Unlike surgical liposuction/liposculpture where subsequent treatment becomes technically difficult, CoolSculpting can be repeated, either at the same location or on a different part of the body. On average, around 20% reduction of the treatment area is expected after one treatment. In a fashion analogous to dermal filler treatments, repeated treatments can be performed on the same area to sculpt the body further until the desired endpoint is reached.