Aging changes are readily observable on the back of the hands. These are often made more obvious by excessive sun exposure.

1. Blotches and discolouration

Lentigines are the flat brown irregular spots that occur over the face as well as the hands. These are markedly decreased by treatment with Limelight. 2-3 sessions are usually required. This is an easy treatment with no downtime. Raised brown spots (seborrhoeic keratoses) are often present, and they can be readily treated with cryotherapy.

2.Thinning and crepiness of the skin

Thinning of the dermis causes the skin to become crepey. This can be effectively treated with micro droplet injections of dermal filler. The body responds to the treatment by making new collagen. The end result is rejuvenated skin that is more resilient.

3. Loss of Volume

Loss of volume is often quite prominent on the back of the hands, with so-called ‘guttering’ (hollowing between the metacarpal bones of the hands) being visible. Dermal fillers are very effective at reintroducing volume to this area.

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