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Dr Leung specialises in liposculpture/liposuction and body contouring procedures, using VASER technology exclusively, treating the whole body or any part of the body to achieve a harmonious and aesthetic result. With the combination of proven technology, surgical skill, sound understanding of the human anatomy, as well as artistry, the real definition of liposculpture can now be realised.

There are several reasons why he can achieve better results than others.

Experience and training

Dr Leung is well trained and experienced in the technical and surgical skills of liposculpture. Liposculpture is a very artistic procedure and with his artistic background, Dr Leung is able to envisage and design beauty in three dimensions. His art training has enabled him to understand balance and proportion, and to have the magic in his hands to sculpt beautiful, sensual curves.

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Technical skills in liposuction/liposculpture are difficult to learn and master. Dr Bernard Leung is arguably one of the most highly trained surgeon in the field of liposuction/liposculpture in Canberra. He was fortunate to have learnt and honed his liposculpture techniques with some of the most prominent liposuction surgeons in the world. His teachers have included Dr Giorgio Fischer and Dr Pierre Fournier, Dr Soo Keat Lim of Sydney (instructor in liposuction, Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery), Professor Nicolay Serdev of Bulgaria (VASER liposuction), Dr Dennis Wolf(European trainer in VASER liposuction) and Dr Mike Commins (VASER trainer and Chairman of British Association of Cosmetic Doctors), Professor Alberto Di Giuseppe of Italy (author of many books on VASER liposuction). Dr Leung is certified for advanced VASER liposuction by the European College of Aesthetic Medicine.

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Artistic judgement

It takes more than a medical degree and good surgical skills to be an expert in body contouring. It requires a thorough understanding of the human form, a sound appreciation of proportion and aesthetics, and a keen artistic eye.

Dr Leung has a lifelong interest in visual arts. He forewent an opportunity to study fine arts at university and studied medicine instead. He has had formal training in drawing, particularly still life, life drawing and portraiture. He maintains his artistic interest by indulging in drawing and photography in his spare time.

Liposculpture is a very artistic procedure and with his artistic background, Dr Leung is able to envisage and design beauty in three dimensions. His art training has enabled him to understand balance and proportion, and to have the magic in his hands to sculpt beautiful, sensual curves.

VASER technology

Dr Leung uses VASER technology exclusively for his body contouring/liposculpture procedures. Why does he prefer VASER to other technologies? Dr Leung came from a background of performing traditional liposuction under tumescent anaesthesia. He was not entirely satisfied with the results obtained using this method and he decided to look for ways to improve the outcome. Several technologies that claimed to give superior results came on the market. He was able to try out and compare some of these technologies, which included VASER, laser lipolysis, laser assisted liposuction, water jet liposuction and radiofrequency-assisted liposuction. He found VASER to be safer compared to some of these technologies, and more importantly, VASER can deliver superior results compared to all these technologies that he had the opportunity to try.

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VASER assisted High Definition technique

The effectiveness of VASER technology is further enhanced by the aptly named High Definition or ’Hi Def’ technique.

‘High Definition’ liposuction is an advanced VASER technique that reduces the subcutaneous fat to demonstrate the underlying muscular and soft tissue anatomy. It is a technique that is particularly suited to athletic men, but it applies equally well to female anatomy.

Historically, this concept of ‘High Definition’ Liposuction came about from a desire to improve upon the results achievable with traditional liposuction. Dr Mentz and his colleagues were disappointed with traditional liposuction techniques that fail to achieve the “washboard” aesthetic goal in males, because “subdermal fat obscures the muscular detail.” Their response to this challenge is a technique called abdominal etching, used primarily in male body contouring. It refers to a ‘differential liposuction’ technique that demonstrates the abdominal musculature. While this technique offered options in body sculpting in males, the result is often suboptimal with the appearance of the muscles being somewhat artificial and unnatural.  It is also limiting in that it focuses on only one muscle group, namely the rectus abdominus muscle, while not addressing many other muscles that contributed to the area of anatomy concerned.

Dr Alfredo Hoyos refined this technique into what is known as High Definition Liposculpture. The idea is to create the natural muscular anatomy and enhance it. By using deep, superficial, or transitioning techniques over the muscles and ligaments of the torso, Dr Hoyos was able to create a more natural muscular appearance.

It was first introduced into Australia in 2009. Dr Leung is amongst a small handful of liposuction surgeons in Australia trained in this technique. He is the only one in Canberra who is able to perform VASER liposuction and use the ‘High Definition’ technique.

Tumescent anaesthesia

The tumescent technique for local anesthesia has revolutionised liposuction by eliminating both the risks of general anaesthesia and the bleeding once associated with liposuction.It was first described by Dr Jeffrey Klein in 1987. The tumescent technique involves the infusion of large volumes of very diluted lignocaine (local anaesthetic) and adrenaline (for vasoconstriction) into subcutaneous fat, through tiny incisions made in the skin. The word tumescent means swollen and firm. With the tumescent technique, the volume of dilute lignocaine that is infused into fat is so large that the treatment area literally becomes tumescent (swollen and firm). The tumescent technique produces profound and long-lasting local anaesthesia of the skin and subcutaneous fat.

What are the benefits of tumescent anaesthesia?

Local anaesthesia used in the tumescent technique is so highly effective that patients no longer need intravenous sedatives, narcotic analgesics, or general anaesthesia. Because of the widespread vasoconstriction caused by the adrenalin in the tumescent solution, there is minimal bleeding during and after surgery. This major improvement in liposuction technique eliminated the bleeding present with the older methods that used general anaesthesia.

Who would benefit from liposuction/liposculpture?

The ideal candidate is someone who is at or near ideal body weight, but has localized fat bulges, and would like to reduce these areas. For example, bulging hips and thighs or love handles in men.

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