Female vs Male Liposculpture

There are differences in the aesthetic ideal between females and males, which necessitate a different approach when performing liposculpture.

Female LiposculptureSite Images / Body One (small)

The female body is defined by its curves. The arc of the breasts, the sway of the back, the hourglass of the waist, the curve of the hips, the rounding of the buttocks and the shapeliness of the legs.

Whether the new figure to be created is to be slender and athletic or voluptuous and womanly, the beauty of your new body will be determined by the sculpture of your curves. Flattening the abdomen and sculpting a slender curve across the hips and thighs to balance the proportion of the shoulder and back will create slenderness. Sculpting the waist will highlight feminine curves, accentuating both slenderness and shapeliness. Similarly, sculpting the inner and outer thighs, slimming the knees and highlighting the curve of the calves will create both slender and shapely legs, whilst sculpting in the ankles will lengthen the appearance of the leg and further set off the sense of shapeliness. This is the key to an attractive result in female body sculpting.

Male Liposculpture

Site Images / Male Torso (small)

By contrast, the broadness of the shoulders should be emphasised when sculpting a masculine figure. This can be enhanced by sculpting the slope of the lower back and creating as tight a waist, hips and abdomen as possible.

Male attractiveness is defined by angularity and muscle definition, the ‘V’ shape of the back and the abdominal ‘six pack’.

For men who already are fit and at the ideal body weight, ‘High Definition’ liposuction will accentuate the muscle definition that often cannot be achieved by gym work alone.