Man Boobs

Man boobs (gynaecomastia) is a problem that is becoming increasingly prevalent in Australia.

Traditional treatment of man boobs involves a surgical operation such as subcutaneous mastectomy, where incisions are made either around the nipple/areolar area, or in the crease just under the breast. The procedure is often associated with significant scarring.

Dr Alberto Di Giuseppe from Italy showed that man boobs can now be treated reliably and successfully with VASER Liposuction. This has the advantages of virtually no scarring, virtually no blood loss, fast recovery time. In addition, the whole chest, including the lower border of the pectoralis muscle, could be sculpted.

There are several distinct subtypes of gynaecomastia

Fatty type (Pseudo-gynaecomastia)

The fatty type is defined as an enlargement of male breast(s) caused by an excessive amount of fat tissue, but a normal amount of glandular breast tissue. Most male breasts that appear unusually large are the result of excessive fat. As the majority of men become older, they will end up with a slight but cosmetically undesirable degree of this fatty type of gynaecomastia (man boobs).

Excessively fatty breasts are also common in younger men who are relatively overweight.

Pure type (True Gynaecomastia)

This is defined as enlargement of male breast(s) caused by excessive glandular breast tissue. A true excess glandular breast tissue in men is not common and may be due to hormonal problems or other medical conditions. 

Mixed type (MixedGynaecomastia)

In practice gynaecomastia could be a mixture of the above 2 types.

VASER liposuction is able to treat all types of man boobs (gynaecomastia).

Site Images / Gynaecomastia pre treatment (medium)



Site Images / Gynaecomastia post treatment (medium)

Photo taken 4 weeks post op. Shows complete disappearance of gynaecomastia. There is excellent skin retraction, and the outline of the pectoralis major muscle is now clearly visible.

Liposuction For Enlarged Male Breasts

The goal for liposuction of the male breast is simple: Improve the patient’s physical appearance by removing as much fat as possible while avoiding any damage to skin or muscles. Liposuction of the male breast is one of the four areas on men most commonly treated by liposuction (the other areas being the abdomen, flanks, and chin/cheek/jowls). Male patients with excessive fat in their breasts can expect significant improvement with VASER liposuction.

The male breast is particularly fibrous in nature and it is difficult to carry out conventional liposuction to the area. The ultrasound energy of the VASER technology allows the dense fibrotic tissue to be penetrated more easily and the liposelective nature of VASER allows the fatty tissue to be removed in an even manner. With the ‘Hi Def’ technique, the border of the pectoralis muscle could be sculpted to enhance muscle definition.

Postoperative Care

After liposuction is completed, the adits allowed to remain open (they are not closed with sutures) in order to maximize drainage of residual tumescent anaesthetic solution. A compression garment has to be worn for several weeks. Our staff will measure you for the correct sizing of the compression garment prior to the procedure.

Lymphatic massage and drainage helps with the recovery. Glenda our in house physiotherapist is able to provide lymphatic massage treatments during the recovery period.

How much does it cost for Liposuction of Man Boobs (Gynaecomastia)?

We understand you are curious to know how much the procedure you are thinking of having might cost.

The truth is that with the cost of many procedures vary considerably depending on different factors, such as age, sex, skin tone, body fat content etc. We therefore believe it is unethical to give a cost estimate without gaining a proper understanding of your needs. Your body, your skin and your expectations are different to anybody else’s. We want to plan treatments based on your needs.

Our philosophy is simple. We want you to be fully informed, we want you to understand all your options and have one accurate price quoted once. Our experience tells us  that this is what most of our clients want too.

To request an appointment with Dr Bernard Leung to discuss your suitability for VASER Liposuction to treat man boobs please email us or call us on 02 6255 8988.