Combine treatments and makeup to look youthful

I recently read a blog from Jane Iredale Australia and wanted to share some of their great makeup tips. It’s all about changing your life and changing your makeup. People say change can be as good as a holiday.

Concern: Facial volume loss

What treatment Dr Leung can offer:

We see a lot of women of all ages who have lost volume in the face, either as a result of weight loss or as part of the natural aging process. Dr Bernard Leung has considerable expertise in revolumising the face using dermal fillers or a liquid face lift. By replacing this volume loss, you can get back your cheek bones, your facial definition is enhanced and it will help with a sagging lower face. It’s all about proportions, giving you back your lost volume while maintaining a completely natural look, so no-one will even know you’ve had anything done.

In addition to your cosmetic treatment you can also change your makeup by using light and shading to enhance the results further.

What you can do with Makeup (Tips from Jane Iredale’s blog):Site Images / Jane Iredale Blush (small)

Light and reflective makeup brings things forward, dark, matte makeup causes things to recede.

“Cheeks: Start with a warm, shimmery blush like Whisper for fair to medium skin tones, and Golden Apricot for darker skin tones. A shade that is a tiny bit lighter than your natural skin tone is best. Using the Dome Brush or the White Fan Brush (depending on your preference), swirl it in the hollow under your cheek bone and out toward the hairline. With the same brush, add cool, matte pink to the apple of your cheeks, a bit darker is OK here, like Barely Rose. Blend them together well and voila: sweet cheeks!”

Concern: Hollow eyes, droopy eyelid

What treatment Dr Leung can offer:

Hooded eyelid and droopy loose skin on the upper eyelid becomes a common problem as we age. Most of the time it is hereditary so if your mum has one, then you will probably get one too. Uppereyelid surgery is a surgical procedure to remove the loose skin. This can open up your eyes more and can sometimes improve your eyesight. Makeup will sit smoother and can be applied as soon as the stitches have been removed.

What you can do with Makeup (Tips from Jane Iredale’s blog):Site Images / PureGloss (medium)

“Eyes: contoured eye shadow can make your eyes look hollow, and droopy. Skip the classic “medium lids, dark crease and light brow bone.” Instead, try a wash of light gently shimmering shadow blended from lashes to brow. Please avoid anything too light or it will look harsh. Opt for a shade that is close to your skin tone (the skin of your forehead, not your eyelids, which can darken with sun exposure and age), or maybe a shade lighter. Our Eye Glosses are a wonderful option. Alternatively, try using a triple with the lightest shade from lashes to crease, the medium shade slightly above the crease, to lift the eye, and the darkest shade just in the outer quarter of the upper lash line. With both of these, darken the lash line with liner. Dark brown or grey is softer than black, but if you love your rock ‘n’ roll eyeliner, like I do, go right ahead! Work it right into the outer two- thirds of the upper lashes, and outer third of the lower lashes. This adds definition that won’t age you. Remember mascara!”

Concern: Lips – Loss of volume and dehydrated lips

What treatment Dr Leung can offer:

We can’t forget about our lips. Whether you want to reshape, redefine, remove unwanted fine lines on your top lip or make your lips plumper, Dr Bernard Leung has the answer. These lines can be caused by sun damage, smoking or can just occur with age. In addition, our lips loose fullness with the aging process. By replacing the loss of hyaluronic acid (the substance dermal fillers are made of), your lips will feel more hydrated and smooth and can be reshaped or defined depending on your preference. Dr Leung uses a combination of treatments to remove unwanted lines above the lips, including dermal fillers, laser resurfacing or radiofrequency resurfacing.

What you can do with Makeup (Tips from Jane Iredale’s blog):Site Images / lip gloss fan (small)

“Lips: I have never seen my mum without lipstick, and now that I am (well) into my 40s, I get it. Pale lips drain the face, but overly lined, bright lips can look harsh. Step one is to maintain maximum moisture. Step 2 is to protect them from sun damage. Cover both of these steps with Lip Drink! Now let’s move on to colour and finish. If your lips seem to be deflating, matte, dark or bright lipstick may increase that effect. I urge you to try something with a bit of sheen or outright gloss. Just Kissed Lip Plumpers have the prettiest, moist shine, without being glossy. PureGloss Lip Glosses have more shine, but won’t give you that glassy, vinyl look that may feel too trendy. With both of these formulas, the finish is sheer enough that you can play with colour without it becoming overwhelming, and you know there are loads of ingredients that will nourish your lips too keep them looking and feeling their best.”

Whether you just want to try out a few new makeup tips or you are looking for a more longer lasting result, Facial Artistry could have the solution you are looking for.

Come in and see us anytime or book an appointment to have a complimentary colour match with our Jane Iredale products or call us today to book a consultation with Dr Bernard Leung to find out what is possible for you.