Cosmetex 2014

Cosmetex 2014 on the Gold Coast has turned out to be a fantastic meeting. This is the largest event of the year in the field of cosmetic surgery, with delegates from Australia and several Asian countries.

I was able to catch up with many good friends and colleagues, sharing our latest experiences and techniques, not to mention good old fashion gossip.  The trade display was smaller than previous years, due to a number of conferences all taking place within a few weeks of each other.

There were a number of international speakers who spoke and demonstrated their approach and techniques, and some of them were truly inspiring.

I will write about my experiences over the next couple of blogs.

If I had to choose one thing that stood out for me about the conference, it would have to be Dr Arthur Swift. He is a Canadian surgeon and I have known his work for a number of years. He is no stranger to Australia as he has spoken at  the last couple of Cosmetex conferences. I was very impressed with his beautiPHIcation concept that he first put forward. Basically he formalised what we have known in art for a long time, that beauty in nature is governed by the ratio of PHI.

In previous years, due to the strict Australian medical registration process, he was only allowed to speak about his work but he was not allowed to treat patients and therefore show us his techniques directly. This year though, he was finally able to do live injecting on stage, and boy, is he a magician!

I have been saying for the past couple of years that we must pay attention to the signs of facial ageing and apply the 5R principles of facial rejuvenation. The processes of facial ageing, in particular volume loss related to fat pad shrinkage and bone remodeling has now been firmly documented by numerous scientific studies. We have come to appreciate which facial fat pads undergo shrinkage first, and what order they do this in.

With respect to age-related bone remodeling, surprisingly some of the increased knowledge came from the field of forensic pathology, where experts are now able to determine the approximate age of a skull and facial skeleton at the time of death based on the pattern and extent of facial bone remodeling.

Dr Swift was able to combine this knowledge of the facial ageing process and his firm adherence to the ratio of beauty. He explained his observations and technique with such eloquence and much humour.

I have been explaining on my website and to my patients the importance of total facial rejuvenation to achieve a natural looking result.  This was strongly echoed by Dr Swift during his talks.

I will talk about other things I have learnt in my next blog.