European Masterclass in VASER liposculpture

It has been a flying trip to Italy and I am glad to be back home. The course was very interesting. It was fantastic to be taught by Prof Alberto Di Giuseppe, who invented a lot of the VASER liposcultpture techniques that I use on a daily basis. I was also inspired by Dr Peter Prendergast, President of the European College of Aesthetic Medicine. Not only was he a skilful VASER surgeon, he was also extremely knowledgeable about the body contouring scene, and was able to provide an excellent overview of the current technologies available.

There were some highly experienced surgeons from around the world attending the course. The friendship that resulted and the exchange of ideas were absolutely invaluable. I was invited to teach VASER liposculpture in Sydney and Hong Kong by fellow attendees.

I will write about my experience and what I have learnt over the next few weeks.