Nasolabial folds

A lot of people are bothered by their nasolabial folds, which tend to become more obvious with age. It is an area that is seemingly easy to treat and many practitioners inject this area with soft tissue fillers.

In the past, Dr Bernard Leung used this treatment method of injecting the nasolabial folds to remove these lines. However, his experience has led him to the realisation that a number of factors contribute to the formation of nasolabial folds. He has found that treatment of this area by soft tissue dermal filler can lead to unnatural fullness of the lower third of the face, which is unaesthetic. This is also increasingly the views of international experts.

Dr Bernard Leung believes this area is best treated with attention to the remainder of the mid face, usually by adding volume to the cheeks and elsewhere using the Facial Revolumisation approach. This results in facial lines being reduced and volume being replaced to the areas that have caused the nasolabial folds to form in the first place. This treatment method provides reliable, natural looking results. Dr Leung says his patients are much happier with this new treatment method as opposed to just filling the unwanted lines. In those patients who have developed significant sagging of the midface fat pads, an even better result can be achieved by combining dermal fillers using the facial revolumisation or liquid facelift approach with a minimally invasive face lift. Judicious use of soft tissue dermal fillers into the apex of the nasolabial folds (technically speaking the lower part of the piriform aperture), can be used in combination to achieve the best results.

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