Tear Trough

One of the key features of facial aging is volume loss. This is particularly noticeable just below the eyes. The lower eyelid is supported by several fat pads. When these fat pads undergo age-related shrinkage, the lower eyelid tends to sag downward and bulge forward, given the appearance of lower eyelid bags. The hollow ‘valley’ that form between the lower eyelid and the face is called the tear trough, which slopes form the inner corner of the eye down towards the cheek hollow.

Some people are born with deep eye sockets, with the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, giving a ‘tired’ look.

Applying the 5R principles of facial rejuvenation, revolumisation by injection of dermal fillers is an ideal treatment for the tear trough area. Dr Bernard Leung pioneered the use of dermal fillers in the treatment of tear trough and he has accumulated a vast amount of experience treating this area. He uses several advanced techniques, including the use of cannulas, to achieve a smooth harmonious look. The use of the Anteis Injection system has further increased the ease with which tear troughs can be treated. Depending on the degree of volume loss, this area may be best dealt with as part of Facial Revolumisation.

If there is significant sagging of facial tissue in addition to volume loss, a lifting procedure such as scarless suture lift may be required to obtain optimum results.

How do I know if I should have a tear trough treatment?

  1. Do people say you look tired even after a good night’s sleep?
  2. Do you look hollow under your eye area?
  3. Do you have bags or dark circles under your eyes?
  4. Do you have bulging lower eyelids?
  5. Have you lost lots of weight and now your face looks hollow or sunken?

If you answered yes, to any of the questions above, then it is likely a tear trough treatment could help you with these concerns.

At your initial consultation Dr Bernard Leung does a thorough assessment of your facial structure. By understanding the reasons for your volume loss he can properly assess your needs and recommend a treatment plan individually tailored to you. This may consist of just one dermal filler treatment, or it could be a series of two or three treatments, carefully spaced out to provide maximum effect.

What dermal fillers will be used for this treatment?

At Facial Artistry, Dr Leung uses temporary dermal fillers which are extremely safe and technological breakthroughs have made the newest fillers very long lasting.  Depending on the area being treated and the product used, Dr Leung’s treatments usually last over 2 years.

The correct product to be used will be decided by Dr Leung. After he has assessed your facial structure and devised a treatment plan he will determine the best products and techniques to use for your treatment. This will be discussed with you at your treatment and Dr Leung will advise when you would require your next treatment, if you want to maintain your new look.

Are there any side effects from a tear trough treatment?

Swelling, bruising and asymmetry are possible side effects.

Patients are often concerned that the result may be too exaggerated or artificial. Dr Leung’s philosophy is that ’less is more’. He always aims for a natural harmonious result. In order to obtain a smooth, natural-looking appearance, it may sometimes be necessary to have spread the treatment over 2 or 3 sessions.

In the unlikely event that the area remains swollen after treatment, the dermal filler that had been placed there can be ’dissolved’ by injections of a naturally occurring enzyme normally present in our body and it is therefore completely ’correctable’.

Can it be combined with other treatments?

In most instances, a better aesthetic result is achieved when dermal filler is combined with other treatments, such as wrinkle reducing injections and/or laser treatments. This should be assessed on an individual basis.

Is it painful?

No. Dr Leung uses a number of different techniques to minimise any discomfort during the treatment. Pain relief includes local anaesthetic cream, nerve blocks and the soft cannula technique of filler placement. Using the Anteis injection system also helps to decrease the likelihood of any discomfort.

How much does a tear trough treatment cost?

We understand you are curious to know how much the procedure you are thinking of having might cost. The truth is that the cost of many procedures vary considerably depending on different factors, such as age, sex, skin tone, and facial structure. We therefore believe it is impossible to give a cost estimate without gaining a proper understanding of your needs. Your face, your skin and your expectations are different to anybody else’s. We want to plan treatments based on your needs.

Our philosophy is simple. We want you to be fully informed, we want you to understand all your options and have one accurate price quoted once. Our experience tells us  that this is what most of our clients want too.

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