Filming Day

Facial Artistry was excited to welcome Stephen Handisides to our clinic last week. Stephen is a highly experienced TV anchor and roving reporter, best known for his work as the TV Presenter of the well regarded and popular UK Sky TV beauty series called “MyFaceMyBody”.

Dr Bernard Leung met Stephen at the Cosmetex 2013 conference earlier this year. Stephen was interviewing specialists on various aspects of cosmetic surgery and Dr Leung was chosen as one of Australia’s leading experts to speak about VASER. Stephen showed considerable interest in Facial Artistry and decided to come and visit our clinic and interview Dr Leung on some of the other treatments he performs.

Stephen came from a glorious UK Summer to spend a miserable Canberra winter day with Bernard and our staff. We had lots of fun filming and showing Stephen and Michael (his videographer) around the clinic.

After the tour of the clinic, Stephen interviewed Dr Leung regarding some of Facial Artistrys most popular treatments. We will be sharing these videos with you in the upcoming weeks.

Lastly, we want to say a huge thank you to Gina and Angela who helped us out on the day with our treatments and filming. They were both wonderful models and we appreciate their assistance.


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