Hand Rejuvenation. Get a handle on a tell tale sign of age

Get a handle on a tell tale sign of age….Site Images / Hands (small)

We can easily protect the skin on our face and head with sunscreen, hats, wide sunglasses and avoiding other environmental factors which affect the skin’s appearance.  But it’s hard to be as diligent with the skin on our hands.

Our hands are constantly ‘working’; washing or rinsing dishes and clothes, gardening, handling groceries or cooking and are all too often exposed to the sun and elements whilst driving and conducting day-to-day tasks. These effects are additive to the natural ageing process where changes to skin texture, pigmentation and volume have an impact on the appearance of our hands (particularly the back of our hands).

Most of us follow good skincare routines and maintain our youthful facial glow, however your hands may show tell tale signs of aging. Elements take their toll on the skin and the levels of substances like naturally occurring sugars and elastin (that give our hands youthful volume) deplete with age, making hands look frail, worn or sun damaged.

Dr Bernard Leung uses several methods to improve the texture and pigmentation of the skin as well as restoring volume and suppleness to your hands.

The first step is to replenish volume loss and support the skin. This is accomplished by dermal fillers. Many of you may have had dermal filler treatments in your face to replace facial volume loss associated with aging, create higher cheekbones or even create fuller lips. However, what many don’t know is that you can also use these same dermal fillers to replace volume loss in your hands. By injecting small amounts of filler precisely all over the back of your hands, your hands will become more rounded and smoother. The hyaulorinic acid injections also stimulate your own collagen production and support the skin’s elasticity. This leaves your skin feeling plumper and firmer and looking more hydrated.

The next step is to decrease the amount of uneven pigmentation. Years working outdoors, or driving have created brown spots, freckles and uneven pigmentation on your hands. This can be treated with cryotherapy or Limelight (intense pulse light) treatment. Dr Leung normally conducts a skin examination before recommending laser or cryotherapy treatment, to ensure that cancerous or precancerous spots are not present.

For dry and tired looking hands, microplus+,  the combination of microdermabrasion with sonophoresis could help rejuvenate the skin. Microdermabrasion works to exfoliate the dead skin cells from your hands, then the sonophoresis can infuse hydration moisturisers and vitamins back into your skin, leaving the skin feeling softer.

Some quick tips to good hand health: 

1. Protect from the sun – apply a daily sunscreen with moisturiser to protect against harmful UV rays and keep skin supple. We recommend ASAP Daily Defence Moisturiser.

2. Wear gloves – especially when your hands are in soapy or hot water that can dry out skin.

3. Look after your nails – keep hands well manicured, clean and dry.

If you want to know what results are possible for you come in and talk to Dr Leung to discuss your treatment options and obtain a quote. For an appointment call us on 6255 8988 or request an appointment.