The availability of laser treatment has grown enormously over the past decade. Incredible progress has been made such that a wide spectrum of skin conditions can now be treated. On the other hand, there is a profusion of technologies and it is very difficult for the consumer to research and make the right choices. We will attempt to provide an overview of some of the background of laser treatment.

Light is a form of electromagnetic radition. The light that we see is a spectrum of different wavelengths. The shorter wavelengths are bluish in colour whereas the longer wavelengths are redder in colour. The purpose of laser or light based treatment of the skin is to produce a biological effect, a change if you like. In order to produce the change, energy has to be applied to the target tisse. Within the tissue, certain structures will absorb the energy. These structures are called chromophores. There are three main chromophores in the skin: melanin (brown), haemoglobin (red) and water. Different wavelenghts of light get absorbed by these chromophores to different degrees. By using different wavelengths of light (different lasers), we can therefore selective target different chromophores to produce the desired biological effect, be it lightening of brown spots, clearing of redness or resurfacing of the skin. The heat generated by the light source has the additional benefit of stimulating new collagen formation.

Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation and it tends to be of a single wavelength. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) on the other hand is a broader band spectrum of light. Despite the fact that they are two separate light based technologies, the term laser is often used interchangeably by the beauty industry for both technologies.

At Facial Artistry we use the Cutera laser and light technology. With our Cutera XEO laser machine we customise all treatments to suit individual needs. We understand that people have different skin types and want to address different concerns. Whether it is hair removal, skin rejuvenation, laser for scarring, or vascular therapy for rosacea and broken capillaries, our technology lets us precisely choose settings to ensure we deliver safe and effective treatments.

Why have laser treatment at Facial Artistry

Dr Bernard Leung has been using pulse light and laser now for a number of years. He was a speaker at several national cosmetic surgery conferences and ran workshops on laser treatments. In 2010, he was invited to be part of an international expert panel speaking at Cosmetex Cosmetic Conference on the subject of laser skin rejuvenation. He has extensive knowledge about the science behind laser treatment. This, coupled with his qualifications and experience in treating dermatological conditions, particularly skin cancers, allows him to accurately recommend the best treatment options for you.

The use of laser and IPL devices are largely unregulated in Australia. Dr Leung believes that safety is paramount in laser treatment. Laser and IPL are powerful machines that can deliver a large dose of energy in a very short space of time and this can easily result in burning of the skin. At Facial Artistry, Dr Leung assess every patient himself and all laser and IPL treatments are performed by either Dr Leung or Elise Birchall, our fully qualified dermal therapist.