Broken Capillaries

It is very common to have capillaries around the nose and chin, particuarly in those people who are more prone to blushing. As these capillaries become more dilated, they can become quite obvious and unsightly. Others may suffer from rosacea, which is a skin condition characterised by increased redness of the face. These can be treated with a number of options including Limelight IPL, Nd: YAG laser (Cutera Xeo Platform) and radio frequency ablation. Results for treatment of broken capillaries are often seen immediately. Sometimes the capillaries treated will darken before fading away, whilst others will disappear at the time of treatment.

Case Study

Site Images / Pre NdYAG Broken Capillaries Treatment (small)






The gentleman with severe rosacea had a large number of dilated capillaries on his face. He was so self conscious that hetravelled from a country town 3 hours away to have them treated.


Site Images / Post NdYAG Broken Capillaries Treatment (small)





The photo was taken after just one treatment with our Cutera Nd:YAG laser and Laser Genesis. As you can see, there is dramatic clearing of the broken capillaries.



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