Combined Resurfacing

Pear Fusion is the single treatment combination of Pearl and Pearl Fractional. In other words, confluent and fractional ablative laser resurfacing are performed at the same time, providing more complete results with superior patient satisfaction.

Confluent and fractional laser resurfacing each have their own advantages. Pearl Fractional component targets the dermis, causing new collagen formation as well as collagen remodelling. As it uses ablative fractional technology, it offers a highly effective way to treat deep seated wrinkles. The pearl component causes complete epidermal renewal. Compared to fractional resurfacing, the entire treatment area is covered, it therefore provides improvement to skin quality, pigment, texture, pore size, fine wrinkles unmatched by using fractional lasers alone. By combining confluent and fractional laser resurfacing, Pearl Fusion defines a new gold standard for resurfacing solutions – especially for deep, resistant wrinkles.

Perioral wrinkles (lipstick bleed lines) are often difficult to treat with dermal fillers alone. They are often so deeply ingrained that a defect has developed in the deep dermis along the wrinkle. At Facial Artistry, we have built up considerable expertise in treating this area with Pearl Fusion. By combing dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and perioral Pearl Fusion, we can often give a significant improvement to this area even if the wrinkles have been deeply ingrained for a number of years.

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