National Skin Cancer Awareness Week

National Skin Cancer Week November 18th-24th

To support National Skin Cancer Week Facial Artistry is offering 20% off both of our ASAP moisturisers containing SPF protection.

Skin cancer occurs when skin cells are damaged, for example, by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun.

  • Skin cancers account for around 80% of all newly diagnosed cancers.
  • Between 95 and 99% of skin cancers are caused by exposure to the sun.
  • GPs have over 1 million patient consultations per year for skin cancer.

What to look for

  • Crusty or non-healing sores.
  • Small lumps that are red, pale or pearly in colour
  • New spots, freckles or any moles changing in colour, thickness or shape over a period of weeks to months (especially those dark brown to black, red or blue-black in colour).

Tanning is a sign that you have been exposed to enough UV radiation to damage your skin. This will eventually cause loss of elasticity (wrinkles), sagging, yellowish discolouration and even brown patches to appear on your skin. Worst of all, it increases your risk of skin cancer.

Prevention – Protect your skin

Slip on sun-protective clothing – that covers as much skin as possible
Slop on broad spectrum, water resistant SPF30+ sunscreen. Put it on 20 minutes before you go outdoors and every two hours afterwards. Sunscreen should never be used to extend the time you spend in the sun.
Slap on a hat – that protects your face, head, neck and ears
Seek shade
Slide on some sunglasses – make sure they meet Australian Standards

Apply Sunscreen Daily

Facial Artistry recommends using an ASAP Sheer Tint SPF15 or ASAP Daily Defence SPF 30 broad-spectrum sun cream that protects against UVA and UVB rays.

Key Ingredients to look for so you get UVA and UVB protection:
•    Zinc Oxide
•    Titanium Dioxide