New Ultra Red Action Complex

The new Ultra Red Action Complex Serum contains Ultraceuticals unique Anti RED Complex developed to visibly reduce redness associated with photodamage and minimise skin blotchiness. Featuring powerful antioxidants, anti irritant and soothing ingredients, this advanced serum is suited to all skin types including sensitive and rosacea prone skins.

What is Photoageing?

Photoageing is the premature ageing of the skin due to repeated excessive exposure to Ultraviolet radiation (UV rays). It is extremely prevalent in Australia, due to the harsh climate and an outdoor lifestyle.

Photoageing can be characterised by the following visible signs of skin ageing

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a. Hyperpigmentation

b. Fine lines and wrinkles

c. Loss of skin firmness or elasticity

d. Facial redness

e. Uneven skin tone or skin dullness

f. Coarse skin texture

Facial Redness Caused by Photoageing

Facial redness is one of the most common visible signs of photoageing. In fact, it is almost universal across photoaged skins. Interestingly, facial redness is often undiagnosed or not identified as a major skin concern as it is readily concealed by makeup. Additionally redness can sit on the skin layer below surface hyperpigment which can also conceal redness. Facial redness is most commonly caused by photoageing and occurs in two ways:

1. The skins dermal matrix (containing collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid) is broken down as a result of photodamage, subsequently thinning the skin and causing underlying blood vessels (capillaries) in the dermal matrix to become more visible, therefore giving an increased appearance of skin redness.

2. As a natural wound healing response to photodamage, the growth factor VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor) is produced in response to UV light entering the skin and creating free radicals. This growth factor stimulates the production of new blood vessels. New and existing blood vessels become contorted and enlarged and increase surface redness.

This lightweight fast acting serum visibly reduces redness associated with photodamage. Ultraceuticals unique Anti RED Complex (featuring Kinetin, Andrographolide and Niacinamide) helps minimise visible redness and blotchy skin tone. This state of the art formula also contains powerful anti irritant and soothing ingredients (Salicin and Allantoin) to help combat environmental aggressors that may trigger skin irritation while strengthening the skins barrier function.

Suitable for all skin types including skin affected by rosacea.

Paraben free. Synthetic fragrance free.

Ultraceuticals are so confident that you will see a reduction in facial redness they are offering a 100% risk free money back guarantee on the new Ultra RED Action Complex.

Purchase period 1st September 2014 to 30th November 2014*.

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