Non Surgical Rejuvenation and Live Injecting Workshop

I recently attended a workshop. It was titled An Atomical Basis for Non Surgical Rejuvenation – Anatomical dissection and Live Injecting Workshop. I have attended a number of anatomy workshops over the years and this was by far the best.

There were 2 components to the workshop. The aim of the Live Injecting workshop was to demonstrate the aesthetic assessment and injection techniques by some of the worlds foremost experts. The anatomy session involved dissection of a cadaver head by plastic surgeons.

The speakers at the Live Injecting workshop are well respected international experts and included Dr Wilson Ho from Hong Kong, Dr Herve Raspaldo from Cannes in the south of France, and Dr Michael Kane from New York. They talked about the basis behind aesthetics and this is a topic that I know well and is very dear to my heart. They then demonstrated their approaches on real life patients. Although these experts all have their own individual techniques, their broad based approaches and sound aesthetic judgments are remarkably similar.

It was indeed refreshing to hear that volume loss as the main contributor to facial aging and sagging is now finally being acknowledged world wide and that Facial Revolumisation forms the main basis of facial rejuvenation. It is along this line of thinking that I have been applying the 5R Principles of Facial Rejuvenation to my patients treatments. I have been doing this for a number of years and have been very pleased with my own results. This workshop confirmed that the world experts take this same approach.

The second part of the workshop took place in the Anatomy Lab of Macquarie University. Although I have a very good knowledge of facial anatomy, it is always wonderful to hear and see things from a new perspective. This is particularly pertinent with the minimally invasive surgical techniques that I have developed, where everything is done through ‘keyhole’ type incisions that are between 2-5mm long. My surgical approach is to try to preserve and leave undisturbed the underlying anatomical structures as much as I can, in order to allow for fast recovery and minimal down time which is important for my patients. In the anatomy lab, the demonstrating surgeons were able to expose the underlying anatomical structures and illustrate the many nuances associated with injecting and surgical rejuvenation, without fear of any repercussions.

All in all, I have picked up a lot of good points and I feel completely validated in my approach. I look forward to delivering even better results for my patients.