Remove your unwanted double chin

Dr Bernard Leung explains how you can remove your unwanted double chin.

“Some people have an accumulation of fat under the chin, causing the appearance of a double chin. This is often hereditary but it tends to get worse with age”.

Dr Bernard Leung offers a range of neck sculpting and lifting procedures to define your neck and jawline, give you a more youthful appearance and help you feel more confident.

Dr Leung recently published an in the Canberra Weekly we wanted to share with you. Remove your unwanted double chin.

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Site Images / Neck lift pre liposculpture (medium)

Patient of Dr Bernard Leung

Before photo







Site Images / Neck lift post liposculpture (medium)

After photo: taken 3 weeks post treatment

Treatment included neck liposculpture and

neck lift by Dr Bernard Leung.