The story of Cate as featured on The Australian Story

We would like to congratulate Lt Colonel Cate McGregor for telling the story of her journey of transformation to becoming a woman, first in the January edition of The Australian Women’s Weekly, and last night (24/2/14) on ABC Television’s Australian Story.  What a remarkable story and we salute Cate for her courage and strength.

We are very proud to be alongside Cate on what must have been a very daunting journey. I first saw Cate almost exactly 2 years ago, when she was still Malcolm. I was aware how one’s appearance plays a significant role in one’s gender identity, and I was prepared to help Cate in anyway I can. She has a specialist doctor looking after the hormone side of things, and I have the relatively easier task of feminising her facial appearance.

There are fundamental differences between male and female facial characteristics. In the past, most facial feminization treatments are carried out using surgical techniques. However, with the major developments in non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques, facial feminisation can often be achieved entirely without surgery.

After my initial discussion with Cate, I formulated a treatment plan, that was to gradually transform her then masculine facial features into feminine ones. Conceptually I divided the treatment plan into two phases. The first phase was to feminise her features, the second phase was with facial rejuvenation/beautification in mind.

I will discuss this in greater detail in my next blog.

Watch a clip of the story of Cate, as featured on The Australian Story