We welcomed Dr Peter Ryan to Manuka

We were very honoured to have hosted a colleague of mine, Dr Peter Ryan from Sydney a few weeks ago.

I met Peter 2 years ago at the annual Cosmetex conference. He was working in the same practice as a good friend of mine in Sydney at the time. I thought his face looked familiar and it turned out that we both completed our undergraduate medical degree in Wales and he was in the year above me.

When we chatted at  various conferences Peter mentioned that there were a couple of procedures that he was not able to reliably obtain results that he or his patients were satisfied with, namely thread lifting and liposuction.

This was not entirely surprising as it mirrored my own journey of discovery. Thread lifting involves the insertion of barbed sutures which engage the subcutaneous fat and lift it. The problem is that sagging does not primarily occur at the level of the subcutaneous fat, lifting this layer is therefore of little value in achieving a durable and natural-looking result. It also does not address the issue of volume loss.

As for his other question regarding liposuction, I indicated to him my own personal experience of switching from traditional liposuction to Vaser liposuction, as the result was markedly superior with the latter.

I invited him to come and see for himself my way of performing blepharoplasty, face/neck lift and Vaser liposculpture of the neck and jowls. He spent a day with us at Facial Artistry.

He was impressed with our team work and the level of care that we provide to our patients. He gave us the following feedback:

  • There was a remarkable lack of bleeding in my blepharoplasty procedure (this translates to much less bruising and faster recovery).
  • Although my version of face and neck lift was much more technically difficult to perform than a thread lift, the result is superior.
  • Vaser liposuction allows much more precise sculpting than the traditional liposuction method that he uses.

In fact since his visit to our clinic, he is in the process of negotiating to buy a Vaser machine.